Grasshopper Hexcopter

Product Description

Our Grasshopper Hexcopter is an aerial vehicle that can operate in both remote, and unmanned modes. It is capable of several different types of flying ranging from recreational, sport, and AP. It is a medium sized Quadcopter and is optimally suited for sport, FPV and light AP work.

This Grasshopper was designed to run in Hex mode. It also has slotted motor mounts to allow mounting of a wide variety of motors on the frame.

Modular Design

The Grasshopper series of Multi-rotors was made in a modular fashion so that the arm plates from one multi-rotor can easily be swapped between all styles of craft. This Also means going from a three rotor, to a four rotor, to a six rotor is a simple matter of buying the new main plates, and a few extra arms instead of a whole new rig.

Application Uses
  • Farming & Industrial
    From surveying crops to job sites, A grasshopper Quadcopter or Multi-Rotor platform can greatly cut time with its rapid deployment, and can save costs over renting traditional planes or helicopters to do the job.
  • Governmental
    Governmental institutions can greatly benefit from the having an aerial view of things especially in disaster and intelligence related scenarios.
  • Educational
    Our grasshopper when used with the Crius AIO Pro flight controller provide and open source and modifiable platform for schools and universities to build and expand on.
  • GPS Capable
  • Detachable Arms for quick replacing and storage
  • Crash resistant frame
  • Support for co-axial configurations
  • Dedicated camera mounting bays
  • Includes spare set of landing gear
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